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Discover Holistic
Ways To Get Your Kids Active

At Gym Counts, we prioritize your child's holistic development.


Our recreation classes are carefully designed to nurture their physical fitness, mental agility, social interactions, and entertainment needs.


With experienced instructors and a family-friendly facility, we offer an exceptional experience for your little ones.

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 Welcome to Gym Counts,

where we believe in the power of learning and play to inspire and empower young minds.


With years of experience and a passionate team of instructors, we are dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment for children to learn and grow.


Key Features:

  • Small class sizes for personalized attention

  • Experienced instructors

  • Age-appropriate curriculum that focuses on skill development and building confidence

  • Family - Friendly facilities with top-notch equipment

  • A positive and inclusive atmosphere that fosters friendships and teamwork

 "My child absolutely loves the recreation classes at Gym Counts. They have gained so much strength, coordination, and self-confidence. Highly recommended!"

- Sarah D.

 "The instructors at Gym Counts are fantastic! They make learning fun and engaging for the kids. We can't imagine our weekdays without their recreation classes!"

- Mark T.

Keeping kids active is harder than ever

with the constant changes in the world and the omnipresence of technology, making it challenging to find activities that keep them entertained, healthy, and socialized.

Gym Counts has great options

Our engaging classes are designed to get kids up and moving, offering a range of activities like obstacle courses, group challenges, ninja classes, and gymnastics.

Sign up today

to provide your kids with an unforgettable adventure that combines exercise, fun, and friendship!

So what are you waiting for? Start their active journey with Gym Counts today!



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Age Group: 5-13 years

Description: Join our tumbling classes to explore the exciting world of flips, tricks, and acrobatics.


Whether you're a cheerleader looking to perfect your tumbling skills or simply interested in learning the art of floor gymnastics, our specialized instructors will guide you through proper technique, strength training, and progression to help you achieve your tumbling goals.

Price: $75 per month



Age Group: 6-12 years


Description: Unleash your child's inner warrior in our thrilling Ninja class!


Combining elements of obstacle training, martial arts, and gymnastics, this action-packed class challenges their agility, strength, and problem-solving skills.


Led by experienced instructors, they will navigate through exciting obstacle courses, learn basic martial arts techniques, and master flips, jumps, and tricks.


Our Ninja class creates an empowering environment where kids build confidence, discipline, and focus while having a blast!


Price: $99 per month

Preschool​​ Classes

Age Group: 3-5 years

Description: Our preschool program is designed to introduce young children to the joy of movement and physical activity.


Through age-appropriate games, exercises, and exploration, our experienced instructors help develop their motor skills, coordination, and social interactions in a playful and nurturing environment.

Price: $75 per month

Gymnastics Classes


Age Group: 6-12 years

Description: Our gymnastics rec classes offer a range of skill levels for children of all abilities.


From beginners to more advanced students, our certified instructors focus on building foundational gymnastics skills, strength, flexibility, and coordination.


Students will enjoy the thrill of learning new tricks and mastering routines while fostering teamwork and self-confidence.


Price: $99 per month

At Gym Counts, we are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment where children can thrive and discover their potential through recreation classes, develop essential life skills, and form lasting friendships.

Class Schedule and Location

Contact Us

For inquiries or more information, reach out to our friendly team at (865) 984-6200 or

We're here to assist you and provide all the details you need.

Together, let's help your child embrace an active and fulfilling lifestyle at Gym Counts.


1824 Clydesdale St, Maryville, TN 37801

Phone(865) 984-6200

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