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Empowering Back-to-School Gym Counts Adventure

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1824 Clydesdale St, Maryville,

TN 37801

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Age Group: 8-15 years

Description: Join our tumbling classes to explore the exciting world of flips, tricks, and acrobatics.


Whether you're a cheerleader looking to perfect your tumbling skills or simply interested in learning the art of floor gymnastics, our specialized instructors will guide you through proper technique, strength training, and progression to help you achieve your tumbling goals.

Price: $75 per session

What we focus on

Active Fun and Physical Health:


We believe in the power of movement to boost kids' health and strength. Our dynamic classes combine exciting activities to get them moving, enhance coordination, and build endurance. From age-appropriate gymnastics skills to jumping, tumbling, and swinging, we offer a range of engaging activities.

Mental Agility and Skill Development:It's not just about physical fitness; we also focus on enhancing your child's mental agility. Through our structured curriculum, kids will learn problem-solving, decision-making, and goal-setting skills. Our certified instructors foster a growth mindset, encouraging resilience and confidence.

Build Lasting Connections


We understand the importance of social connections and making new friends. Our classes provide a positive and inclusive environment where kids can interact, collaborate, and forge friendships. Through teamwork, group activities, and cooperative games, your child will develop social skills and learn the value of communication and cooperation.

Experience the perfect blend of entertainment and lifelong memories at Gym Counts. Our programming also includes seasonal camps, kids-inspired open play sessions, and curated programs meticulously crafted to captivate and inspire your child, guaranteeing a wonderful time while fostering skill development. From thrilling games to imaginative challenges, we curate an atmosphere brimming with joy and endless smiles, forging cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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