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Where your little ones can learn and grow through the joy of gymnastics! Our preschool gymnastics classes are designed to provide a fun and safe environment for toddlers to explore and develop their physical abilities.

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Gym Counts Preschool Program cultivates not only gymnastics skills but also a love for sports, fostering growth in motor development, confidence, leadership, and problem-solving. Building strong foundations for lifelong well-being and intelligence, all while having FUN!

Why Choose Gym Counts


Fun and Engaging:

Our classes are filled with exciting activities that keep kids active and entertained while they learn.

Cognitive Development:

Gymnastics helps improve coordination, balance, and spatial awareness, boosting cognitive skills.

Physical Fitness:

Your child will build strength, flexibility, and motor skills through age-appropriate exercises.

Social Interaction:

Gym Counts promotes socialization, teamwork, and building friendships in a supportive setting.


Elevate Their Abilities

 Unleash Raw Potential

Power Up with Enhanced Motor Skills

Precision, and Confidence

Kids learn to lead and collaborate in group activities, fostering leadership skills.

Set Goals, Lead Fearlessly

Age-Appropriate Challenges, Fueling a Lifelong Love for Fitness

Ignite Social Bonds

Through gymnastics, kids forge lasting friendships and form a tight-knit community, fostering teamwork and camaraderie.


Gymnastics lessons encourage independence as children perform exercises on their own.

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